Hello, I'm Simone! I love mint Chocolate, London's museums and the Royal Family!

and that's why you'll find me on London's streets most of my free time!

London is one of most popular travel destinations in Europe. Not only TripAdvisor says so but also constantly increasing visitor numbers each year. I need to visit several times each year as London is worth a visit at any time of year.

In 2018 the world will watch London closely: during Fashion Week in February, for the birth of the third child of Prince William and his wife Katherine, in May when Prince Harry is going to marry his Meghan Markle and for many more occasions like concerts, events, holidays.

Good reasons to visit the British capital (again)? If only somebody else would do the annoying travel planning for you…Well, here we are! You have searched online for help and have found my page. You have decided to go for the Totally-London travel planning. But before that you want to know more about the person who will take care of your most precious time of the year? In this section you will find background information about myself, my motivation for a London blog and why your holiday in London is in good hands with me. Let’s get to know each other…


 Who is the person behind Totally-London?

Hi, I am Simone, forever 34 and an absolute London addict since the end of the 1990s.

I was on my first trip to London with my English A-Level class at that time and it was love at first sight! I was so fascinated by the big city in which

  • you can wear whatever you want, whenever you want, without being stared at.
  • women wear the shortest skirts without tights and the highest heels I have ever seen in a cold December night
  • a shabby and unique Camden Market sold clothes that were so crazy that they became popular in Germany years after
  • food out of every country in the world was offered and
  • every day had so many things to offer

Most of these things have hardly changed. You are still free to wear your bathrobe while riding the bus, to apply make up while being on the Tube or to leave the house without your trousers (ok this happens only once per year on the “No trousers on the Tube Day“ in January). Some women still wear skirts which are tiny even if it’s freezing outside and the selection of food is still incredible! London is also a place where new food trends are born.

Since my first visit I have lived and worked in London and I need to return as often as possible. London is simply the most beautiful and coolest city on earth to me!

In addition to travelling to London I have big passions for Street Art and Yoga. You can find me regularly on the streets searching for the lastest urban art and on my Yoga mat. There are always new studios and Yoga trends that want to get tested and new teachers that want to be met. A big wish for the end of 2018/beginning of 2019 (on which I am already actively working on) is to offer you a Yoga trip to London.

I promise you that I will prepare your travel plan with the exact devotion and accuracy with which I do my own plans. Searching, collecting, arranging and optimizing until I have created the perfect day(s) for you!

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