Who is the woman behind Totally-London?

Hello and welcome to Totally-London.

My name is Simone and I am your host. On this page you will learn more about myself and what made me start Totally-London back in 2016.

I am:

Forever 34 ♥ an absolute London addict since the end of the 1990s ♥ Part-time Vegan ♥ Tea drinker ♥ Museums Geek ♥ Yogini ♥ Street Art Fan ♥ Mint chocolate lover ♥ Royalist ♥ my favourite parts of London are Hackney and Shoreditch ♥ I am fascinated by odd and weird things ♥ I have 6 tattoos (one of them is a bat) ♥ my favourite book is “Dracula”.

London is the prettiest and coolest city on earth to me!

My experiences from many visits and my network of interesting Londoners want to be shared and that’s why I started Totally-London in April 2016.

Enjoy this website and say hello if you like it! 

    Totally-London Simone Kunisch_edited

    In the last years I have lived and worked in London and I need to return as often as possible. London is simply the most beautiful and coolest city on earth to me!

    I will have my tea with milk, I am a museum-geek, Yogini and fascinated by Street Art. I love mint flavoured chocolate and the Royal Family and I am in London every 6 weeks. My latest discoveries and adventures can be found in the blog section. Preparing a personalized travel plan for a customer means that I can rely on my own experiences from over 20 years, tipps and my network in London.  

    I promise you that I will prepare your travel plan with the exact devotion and accuracy with which I do my own plans. Searching, collecting, arranging and optimizing until I have created the perfect day(s) for you!

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