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Calling all street art fans! There is a new street art trail in Camden which opened mid of March to honour the wonderful Amy Winehouse. The trail will take you through Camden up to the Jewish Museum where you will find the final stop of the trail: the “love is a losing game” installation by Pegasus. At the same time the museum also re-opened its exhibition “Amy Winehouse: A Family Portrait”.

The exhibitions had been on display for the first time back in 2013 but had been on an international tour in the last years. Now back in Camden don’t miss out to see Amy’s personal belongings mixed with little notes and explanations written by her brother Alex. Find out more about the exhibition and its re-opening in the post “Amy Winehouse Exhibition“.

Follow Amy’s steps with the Street Art Trail in Camden

For the re-opening of the Amy exhibition the museum came up with a fantastic idea. They asked for funding to do the street art trail via a crowd-funding campaign end of 2016 and luckily, the idea got funded. So now you can follow Amy’s steps throughout Camden – the area which she called home. In the last weeks the work of the participating artists got visible. All show either Amy herself or parts of her songs. The trail has 9 stops which will take you up to Camden Market. The finale brings you to the Jewish Museum where leading artist  Pegasus presents his “love is a losing game” installation.

You can download a map with locations of each artwork here.

The trail is for free and together with the Pegasus installation open until the beginning of June 2017. Please keep in mind that we talk about street art. So don’t wait too long to admire the work. It might be gone or destroyed if you wait too long.

Impressions from the Amy Street Art Trail

In case you can’t visit the trail, here are the pics from London for you:

Stop 1 at Lidlington Place shows a purple and blue portrait of Amy, designed by London-based graffiti artist Mr Cenz. Mr Cenz started his street art career back in the 80s and his futuristic portraits have been described as “surrealist graffiti art for the soul”.

AmyStreetArt by Mr Cenz

AmyStreetArt by Mr Cenz

The next stop shows part of a song text: “why don’t you come on over Valerie?”. It’s a collaboration of Captain Kris and Amara Por Dios and they tell that some people were so inspired by it that they started singing the song on the street. What a wonderful experience!

AmyStreetArt by Captail Kris & Amara Por Dios

AmyStreetArt by Captain Kris & Amara Por Dios

Stop 3 is my personal favourite: Behind “Be at One” bar in Miller Street you will find the black/grey portrait of Amy by Philth.

AmyStreetArt by Philth

AmyStreetArt by Philth

In Bayham Street is stop 4. A seated Amy in a red dress is located close to a man who could be Dave Gahan of Depeche Mode.

AmyStreetArt by Bambi

AmyStreetArt by Bambi

Next stop is the second collaboration between Captain Kris and Amara Por Dios at Stucley Place. The over-sized pair of eyes in a face with colourful words and a big beehive look best from a little distance.

AmyStreetArt by Captail Kris & Amara Por Dios

AmyStreetArt by Captain Kris & Amara Por Dios

Stop 6 is in the entrance of Camden Market. Pegasus has used a portrait of Amy in 5 different colourings and added the words “we only said goodbye with words”.

AmyStreetArt by Pegasus

AmyStreetArt by Pegasus

Scott Eatons statue of Amy Winehouse has been standing at Stables Market for quite a while but mixes perfectly into the trail and therefore, it’s stop 7.

AmyStreetArt - Scott Eaton

AmyStreetArt – Scott Eaton

We are getting closer to the Jewish museum where the trail will end but before that you will pass the pub “The Earl of Camden”. On it’s wall you will find another piece by Pegasus (stop 8).

AmyStreetArt by Pegasus (The Earl of Camden)

AmyStreetArt by Pegasus (The Earl of Camden)

Inside the Welcome Gallery at the Museum the trail comes to its end. You will find the installation “love is a losing game” by Pegasus which is the final stop.

Pegasus – close friend of Amy and leading artist at the trail

You might have realised by now that Pegasus has a special status amongst all the artists. He has 3 pieces of art at the trail, one is the big “love is a losing game” installation inside the Jewish Museum.

Pegasus had been a close friend of Amy and shortly after her death he created his “fallen angel” as a memorial for her. He was the “obvious choice” as leading artist for the street art trail.

The five pictures in the installation reminded me a lot of Andy Warhol. The motive stays the same but the colours change and give each picture a different look. On the day of the pre-opening the version with a rosy heart on a turquois ground was very popular for selfies and pictures with the artist.

Pegasus Installation "Love is a losing game" at the Jewish Museum

Pegasus Installation “Love is a losing game” at the Jewish Museum

Pegasus shows a colourful Amy with paintbrush in her hand as she just finished painting the heart in the background. He told me that he had the idea for the picture very quickly. He wanted something with a heart and an Amy “who is dreaming about a perfect romance”. And her face does look dreamy, doesn’t it?

Another piece of art by Pegasus is the pink frame in front of his pink logo. Visitors can get their picture taken behind the frame as an artwork by Pegasus.

Frame by Pegasus as part of the "love is a losing game" installation

Frame by Pegasus as part of the “love is a losing game” installation

My conclusion: The street art trail is a MUST-SEE for all Amy Winehouse fans, those into street art and those who want to discover Camden. I am super proud that I could support the trail to become a reality with my payment towards the crowd-funding campaign.

More info about the trail via the Jewish Museum homepage here.

More details about the installation by Pegasus here.

Learn more about the Jewish Museum and the Amy exhibition here.

Last but not least: the homepage of Pegasus here.

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