Last Updated on 24. June 2019

Exploring London while enjoying a menue with several courses and matching wines – sounds great, doesn’t it? And you can experience it when booking your place with Bustronome. They have been operating in London for over a year now. Together with Sandra from A Decent Cup of Tea I went to a dinner tour in the black double-decker bus which took us through a rainy London.

Through London in a black gourmet bus

Perfectly on time at 7pm the black double-decker bus with its golden writing arrives at the bay on Embankment Pier. The rear door opens and one of the waiters steps out. He places black barriers next to the door which makes me feel immediately like a VIP.

The guests board the bus. The whole upper floor has tables and the roof is completetly made out of glass. One can already guess what amazing views we will have from up here. Each table is already set with cutlery and glasses.

There is enough space between the tables. So if you want to impress your date with the tour, you will have enough privacy as well.

Before the tour starts, a glass of Champagne is served. Cheers to a lovely evening!

A sightseeing tour with the Bustronome Bus

Each seat is equipped with a map and a small device that looks like a remote. Use the device to press on points on the map and you will hear more about the chosen sight. Choose your favourite language and volume.

The food at the Bustronome Bus

The French-British dishes are prepared at the lower level of the bus. While booking you can choose a vegetarian and even a vegan menu. The ingredients are fresh, the taste is great and each serving has just the right size. Only critics from my side: my vegan starter had fishy dots as decoration.

The sightseeing tour with the bus

The dinner tour lasts longer than a lunch tour. This means a longer drive through London and more sights that can be seen. Also the number of courses is higher with the dinner tour (six for dinner, fewer for lunch).

Some impressions from the bus:

Beautiful, despite the rain, isn’t it?

Conclusion of the Bustronome Tour

  • Was the tour a special event? It certainly was!
  • Did we see a lot from London? Yes, we did. And the audio comments help London newbies to learn even more about the City.
  • Was the food nice? Yes, it was. Two courses had beetroot which I personally don’t like at all. But this cannot count as a critical point as this is my personal taste only. The quality of the food was very good. Only the fact that I had some fish on my vegan starter was a bit sad.
  • Was the wine well selected? The wines were well chosen indeed.
  • Do you now want to experience this unique sightseeing tour through London yourself? Then check out the Bustronome homepage for details.

Transparency: Me and my friend were invited to the sightseeing dinner tour. Thanks a lot for the invite! My impression and opinion are, however, independent from that invitation. 





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