Last Updated on 18. January 2019

Advertisement + Affiliate (if – after your free trial period – you decide to buy a course with Gymglish, I will receive a small commission in return. This has no impact on your price)

Totally-London can support you with learning and upgrading your English. Quick and simple! In partnership with Gymglish. How does this work? Continue reading and find out!

Learn English the easy way – with Gymglish

When was the last time you invested time into your English training? Perhaps you have tried a course at home or at a language school but it’s hard to attend classes on a regular basis because life is just so complex? If there only was an easy solution to learn when you have the time to. Good news – such a solution exists!

How exactly does a course with Gymglish look like?

Some weeks ago, I started with their course myself and I enjoy it a lot. Otherwise I wouldn’t recommend the course to you.

The whole course is online and takes place whenever you have the time to learn. How does this work exactly? You receive emails with a combination of reading and listening exercises and each section ends with questions. Unknown words can be marked. At the end of each lesson you get instant feedback on how well you performed. Which answers were correct? Where can you improve? Each lesson takes approx. 15 minutes.

For me, this can be easily integrated into my day. I work on my lessons whenever suits me. Right after waking up, during lunch break, in front of the TV. Just switch on your mobile, open your emails and you are ready to start.

The content varies according to your individual English level. And the course is also good for advanced students, too. An advantage – you receive reminder emails until you finish your lesson.

The Gymglish course is good for you if…

  • you want to polish your basic English
  • you want to bring your English to perfection
  • you travel a lot and need a flexible solution that travels with you
  • you enjoy learning in your own pace
  • you don’t want to learn in a group with fixed appointments

Which advantages does the sign-up via Totally-London offer?

If you use the Totally-London-link for signing up, you will get a free trial month. This offer is ONLY valid if you sign up via the link.

During your free trial month, you can test your lessons and decide whether you have approx. 15 minutes to invest into your English training.

Once the months is over, the trial period ends automatically. There is no obligation to buy. The lessons simply stop.

You want to continue? Then sign up for a course. In this case I will receive a small provision (Affiliate). This, however, has no impact you the price you will pay.

What if I don’t want to continue after my trial month?

No problem at all. Your lessons will stop automatically after the free month. There is no obligation to buy at all. And you don’t need to sign out.

But if you want to continue, you need to actively sign up for a contract with Gymglish.

How can I sign up for the free trial month with Gymglish?

Signing up for your free month is simple. Just leave your name and email on the “Learn English with Gymglish” page. You can also sign up for their newsletter.

All future communication will be between you and Gymglish.

Tempted to try? Then sign up for your free trial month and check out if you enjoy this way of learning.

Successful learning!





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