Last Updated on 4. June 2021

In November 2016 the worlds biggest Lego store opened in Central London at Leicester Square. A must-see for fans of the colourful bricks and also a cool location if you are not into Lego that much because many of London’s attractions can be found here. All build with Lego bricks of course.

The worlds biggest Lego Store

The worlds biggest Lego store not only sells the famous bricks but also limited editions that are only available here in London. On two floors you will find many typical British objects and sights – all build with Lego.

Meet mascot Lester close to the entrance. What a polite and well-dressed gentleman.

Also on ground floor you can take a seat inside a life-sized tube wagon and get your picture between William Shakespeare and a Royal Warder. The wagon itself was build with 637,903 bricks and in over 3,300 hours. Amazing isn’t it?

I was pretty impressed by an over 3 m high Big Ben and by a life-sized telephone booth. My personal highlight however, is the Lego Queen. She is standing in the shop window, waving to her people.

Your visit at the Lego Store

  • Find the shop at 3 Swiss Court, W1D 6AP London, that’s at Leicester Square
  • The closest Tube stations are either Leicester Square or Covent Garden and Piccadilly Circus
  • Opening hours: Mon – Sat from 10 to 10, Sunday from 12 to 6
  • Entrance fee: none
  • Check out the Lego website for latest events
  • Good to know: the store is very popular and most of time pretty crowded. Depending on the time of your visit, it might happen that you need to wait outside the store until enough other customers have left.

What else is close to the Lego Store?

The Lego Store is at Leicester Square, right in central London. There is a big M&Ms store opposite. Piccadilly Circus and Covent Garden are also in walking distance. In Covent Garden, the London Transport Museum is worth a visit.

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