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Are you into chocolate? Do some people call you a chocoholic? Then come along and explore London with me, searching chocolate places in the capital.

Sights for chocoholics

Royal chocolate at Hampton Court Palace

The Hampton Court Palace is a royal residence in Richmond upon Thames. The Palace belongs to the “Royal History Palaces” and is strongly connected with Henry VIII. You can visit the large hall where he held big celebrations and the kitchen where the big feasts were prepared. A great garden belongs to the complex and also – a chocolate kitchen.
The chocolate kitchen was built by Sir Christopher Wren in 1690, when William III (1689-1702) and Mary II (1689-94) rebuilt the palace. Chocolate was the latest fashion at that time, still quite new on the British market and therefore, only very rich people could afford to enjoy it. The fact that an own kitchen was built for this shows the wealth of king and queen, but also that they were modern rulers.
In the rooms, the entire production process was carried out: the cocoa beans were roasted and finely grounded, mixed with sugar and spices, boiled up and filled into beautiful porcelain cups. The hot drink was drunk in the morning at breakfast time and often during a “levee”, which was the public dressing of the king / queen in front of a few selected subjects.
Did you know that the Chocolate Kitchen was considered lost until 2013? It was only then that it was rediscovered and restored. It is regarded as the last surviving chocolate kitchen in Great Britain. Find more info and a great video about it on the Hampton Court Palace homepage.

The Chocolate Museum in Brixton

In Brixton, the Frenchwoman Isabelle Alaya has opened a small museum in which chocolate is the only topic. Find out everything about the manufacturing process and how the industry has developed. Discover old designs on packaging and try a freshly made hot chocolate in the cafe. Or sign up for one of the workshops and make your own chocolates. Check out what’s going on at the museum on their homepage. If you are already in Brixton, stay a while and explore this area of London.

Chocolate Tasting at the London Eye

Want to combine one of London’s most popular viewing points with the pleasure of chocolate? Then get a ticket for the VIP experience at the London Eye. Taste chocolate on the Ferris Wheel during the turn, sip prosecco and enjoy the views onto the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben and Westminster Abbey. More details about this event including prices can be found on the homepage of the London Eye.

M&M’s World Leicester Square

Fans of the colourful chocolate lentils must not miss M&M’s World at Leicester Square. In here, it’s all about the little treats. Mix your own M&M in your favourite colours and buy merchandise on several floors. There are lots of selfie opportunities as well.

Chocolaty city walks

A special chocolaty city walk is offered by the colleagues of Ecstasy Tours. They will take you through certain areas of London, always looking for the best chocolate snacks to taste. For information about the tours and the costs, check out the Ecstasy Tours homepage. You can also make the bookings there.

Where to eat and drink chocolate in London

Unususal chocolates at Dark Sugar

At Dark Sugar on Brick Lane you’ll find lots of fancy pralines. Pick and mix on your own. Their hot chocolate is decorated with freshly grated chocolate.

The Chocolate Cocktail Club

The Chocolate Cocktail Club is the perfect place for everyone who loves a good cocktails with the main ingredient chocolate. Holly and Rachel started their pop-up club on Brick Lane. At the moment they are on Leather Lane. A Chocotini is already included in the entrance fee of 10 pounds. Other drinks include peppermint and orange. For non-cocktail fans there is a chocolatey wine or chocolate gin and tonic. Find out more about the founders in the “meet the Londoner” interview.

Hot chocolates from Rome

Enjoy a hot chocolate in Rome’s oldest chocolate factory. And that without traveling to Italy. Because SAID dal 1923 also have a cafe in Fitzrovia. They decorate even the cup with lots of chocolate. I haven’t been there myself yet, but I’d like to try it.

Hotel Chocolat

Hotel Chocolat is a British chocolate manufacturer with several branches in London (e.g. Spitalfields Market, Paddington Station, Covent Garden…). They offer everything your heart desires: chocolates, ice cream, accessories for hot chocolate and seasonal products for Easter, Christmas, Mother’s Day and more.

Rococo Chocolates

Rococo Chocolates also have several branches in London and sell chocolates and connecting products. All made in Britain and some with unusual flavours. For example, I just recently saw an Earl Grey chocolate at the Notting Hill branch.

Going out at a former chocolate place

The Menier Chocolate Factory in Southwark now houses a theatre. Originally, however, the building was built by the French chocolate company Menier, when he expanded to England. Find out more about the running productions and the meals in the restaurant on the Menier Chocolate Factory homepage.
Where in London have you tried good chocolate? And what is your favourite flavour? Tell us in the comments below this post.


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