Last Updated on 13. April 2020

London in Corona lockdown. Eerie empty streets which are normally covered with tourists. No queues to buy cheap theatre tickets, nobody to go shopping in Camden, no foodies looking for the latest food trends. The tourist attractions and museums are closed, the Londoners do social distancing, the City is like extinct. Here are some impressions taken by the photographer Brigitta Scholz-Mastroianni of NUX Photography.To me, these are blatant pictures, but they are beautiful at the same time, because normally you don’t see London so empty.
One thing they do trigger for sure, my homesickness for the most beautiful city in the world!

Central London in Corona lockdown

Just a few weeks ago I was at Leicester Square, taking photos of the cinema heroes. There is usually a lot going on here. Long  queues at the TKTS box as theatre and musical fans hope for a cheap ticket. Street artists entertain the crowds, in front of the Lego store small and grown-up children wait in line, and from the  M&M’s World opposite, a more or less delicious chocolate scent can be smelled.
Yawning emptiness at the moment. The shops are closed, nobody wants a selfie with Paddington Bear or Mr Bean. The tube stations are abandoned, as only those who have to go to work, the so-called “Essential Workers”, are supposed to use public transport.

Empty London thanks to Corona

The area around the big advertising screen at Piccadilly Circus is normally bustling with life. The stairs in front of the statue, which many know as Eros (but is actually the winged statue of Anteros) are usually covered with tourists, because this is a popular meeting point. Many people start from here to visit China Town or to begin their shopping tour. At the moment everything here too is like extinct, only a few people are on their way, most tourists have left the city.

Southbank emptier than ever

Tate Modern is a popular museum and the viewing platform at Switch House is one of my personal favourites. Of course, the museum is closed at the moment. I wonder what will happen to the running Andy Warhol exhibition and if it will be extended. Originally, it was only planned until the beginning of September. I have a ticket myself, which I still have to rebook…

No hubbub in Camden

At the weekends hell is breaking loose in Camden. Punks, Goths, Techno fans, tourists, locals, there are just unbelievably many people here to shop for crazy clothes, souvenirs or antiques. Or to eat delicious food from one of the many stalls. Or to enjoy the atmosphere in the former stables, to visit the Amy Winehouse statue, to enjoy themselves. It is almost never quiet and empty here. Except right now…

The photographer Brigitta Scholz-Mastroianni

Since I am also currently practicing social distancing and do not travel, I am not able to take pictures of empty London myself. So someone from my network stepped in. The great Brigitta Scholz-Mastroianni, to be precise. The Bavarian-born photographer took the photos in the last few weeks and I am allowed to use them for this post to give you an impression of the almost ghostly situation in London. Many thanks, dear Brigitta.

Stay safe and healty

No one knows for how long this lockdown will last and when we will be able to move freely again, meet friends and family and travel to beautiful London. The safety and health of all is the most important thing right now. So stay at home, protect yourselves and others, be kind to each other and travel virtually. Here on the site you will find lots of posts and interviews.
How do you feel when you see these photos from London? What feelings do they evoke in you? Share your thoughts in a comment below this post. Stay healthy!

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