Last Updated on 17. June 2021

A ride through Hyde Park has been on my London bucket list for many years. I am so happy that Instagram connected me with Kirsty from Ross Nye Stables.

Kirsty from Ross Nye Stables

Kirsty, please introduce yourself briefly

My name is Kirsty. My father, Ross Nye, bought a small, existing stables when he moved to London from Australia in the 1960s. The stables has now been operating for more than 55 years!

After I went to University, I returned to spend some time working with him in the stables before finishing my training to be a barrister. Together we built up our business, I took the British Horse Society exams, and I decided to stay working with  horses!

How does your daily routine look like?

So apart from the normal daily routine of taking care of these wonderful animals, I am involved with teaching children and adults to ride, training the horses to be well-behaved while they are out in Hyde Park, and riding with tourists who come from many different parts of the world to enjoy an hour ride along the famous Rotten Row. We often see the Queen’s Carriage Horses out exercising from Buckingham Palace, and the Horseguards Cavalry being trained in their impressive uniforms, as well as the Mounted Police using the tracks to let off a bit of steam.

How many horses do you have?

We usually have about 15 horses in the London stables at any one time, with a few others out on our farm in the countryside having a holiday, so that we can rotate their workload and give them a break when they need one. We have horses and ponies of all shapes and sizes, suitable for every type of rider – the only restriction is that we cannot take anyone under 6 years old. Although most of our business concerns teaching local children who ride on a weekly basis, we are also happy to take visitors on a one-off basis.

What do you recommend for the time after the ride?

London has so much to offer, particularly from a historical point of view, and so much of the tradition involves horses, so riding through Hyde Park is a great addition to any trip. The stables is found in a little Mews, near to the bustle of Paddington Station, it is right in the centre of one of the busiest cities in the world but it is like living in a country village, with friendly neighbours and no traffic. After your ride, you can walk to the West End, to the shops in Oxford Street, through Kensington Gardens, or to Portobello Road for some antiques shopping, or you could just visit one of the local pubs for some English beer and pub grub.

Ross Nye Stables on Social Media

More info about the stables and how to book your ride can be found on Ross Nye Stables’ website. Follow them on Facebook (@ridingwithross) or Instagram (@ross_nye_riding_stables).

Have you been riding in Hyde Park already? Would you like to give it a try? Share your experiences in the comments below.

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