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In today’s edition of “Meet the Londoner” I have the honour to introduce Lucy Newport from Living Green Yoga to you! Lucy is not only passionate about Yoga but also about protecting our environment. How exactly this looks like – please read on. Enjoy the interview!

Lucy Newport from Living Green Yoga

Hi Lucy, tell us a bit about yourself

My name is Lucy Newport, I’m currently 28 and I teach yoga as Living Green Yoga. I’m really interested in using the tools of yoga to help people feel really good, so that we can extend this beyond ourselves to help the planet as well as the animals we share it with.

Have you always lived in London?

This November I will have been living in London for 10 years which seems unbelievable – I obviously love this city! I’m originally from the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire and moved here after college to fulfil my dreams at the time of working in the music industry.

When did you start teaching yoga?

At the beginning of May 2018 (last year). It was straight after returning from 6 months of travel in S.E. Asia  and doing my yoga teaching training. I was just so excited to start sharing all that I’d learnt!

What Yoga style do you teach?

I teach a slow flow hatha style but include nice widdly movements which help to work out any kinks and have a big focus on breathing techniques too. Making sure every class has an emphasis on slowing down and taking a deep rest is important to me, because most Londoners are busy, busy, busy. We need those opportunities to move out of a place where we’re caught up in rushing around and feeling stressed, and into a place where we can fully relax.

Tell us a bit about your “giving back” initiative.

Sure! Because doing my bit to help the environment is important to me, I plant 1 tree for every person who comes to each class. I also donate 5% of profits to animal and environmental charities which people can vote for by signing up to my mailing list. Currently featured is Bumblebee Conservation Trust, Sea Shepherd and World Land Trust. Those who attend the classes also feel good knowing that just by being there they’re doing good! Everyone wins 🙂

What do you enjoy most about being a Yoga teacher?

I enjoy helping people to slow down, quieten down and connect to themselves. This is true yoga after all and teaching really is one of my greatest joys!

Which asana is your favourite and why?

Right now I really like chakrasana, also known as wheel pose as it feels so good to deeply stretch through the obliques and down the backs of the arms – no other pose stretches the side body quite like this!

Which benefits does Yoga bring?

Yoga really has endless benefits and not just physically and mentally. The practices help us to connect to ourselves and the whole world around us. When you practice yoga regularly your perspective on life really does change, it’s quite amazing.

Your best advice for somebody starting with Yoga?

We can be really harsh judges of ourselves, including when it comes to practicing yoga. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else you see practicing and accept where you’re at – each day will be different.

Where would you love to teach a class (special country, city, location, place?)

I think a mountain top yoga class would be pretty amazing! I love being able to look out over vast landscapes, it helps me to get out of my head and realise that I’m unique in myself, but also just a very small part of the universe.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

There is inspiration everywhere! My main inspiration comes from nature, music, books and conversations with my amazing partner Mark.

Lucy about London

How do you spend a perfect day in London?

My perfect day in London starts with my home yoga practices followed by a stroll along the River Thames with Mark. We have brunch then walk up to The Royal Observatory and look out over the city – it’s an amazing view up there! Then dinner with some friends at Unity Diner followed by a gig – I love like music and we’ve got so many great venues here.

Where do you go for a good breakfast?

Arapina just on the outskirts of Greenwich is my favourite right now. They’ve got so many delicious vegan options, including HUGE almond croissants!

Zero waste in London – which shops can you recommend?

Zero waste is growing in London, slowly but surely! My favourite shop is Hetu in Clapham as everything is vegan and the owner takes care to make sure it’s all sourced as locally as possible too. BYO in Nunhead is great also. They could be considered my local (although it’s still a 25 minute bike ride away!).

What to recommend for a first-time visitor in London?

Definitely take time to visit some green spaces in London, we’ve got lots of beautiful parks here and they’re such a welcome break when you’re rushing around. Hyde Park, Regents Park, Green Park, Greenwich Park and Richmond Park are all beautiful.

Which 3 words describe London best?

Inspiring, diverse and fun!

Fun stuff about Lucy Newport

Which is your favourite ice-cream flavour?


Best recommendations on where to get a good ice-cream in town?

Mint choc chip is such a classic and will always be my favourite. Yorica! in Soho is great to go for a treat, everything is vegan too.

How many yoga mats do you have?​

I have 5 which is probably 4 too many! One for my home practice, a lighter one which I take out to classes and 3 spares for anyone that I teach.

Milk in first or milk in last into your tea?

This is very controversial I know but I’m not a tea drinker, so neither! If I occasionally fancy a hot drink it’ll be a mint tea or hot chocolate.

What’s your favourite colour?

It’s got to be green!

How many tattoos do you have?

I have four. Two on my feet which my mum designed for me and one on each arm. The tattoo on my right forearm is by Hannah Pixie Snowdon who is one of my favorite artists and has been such an inspiration to me.

Do you plan to get more?

I do although I’m not sure what or when! I can definitely see myself getting another couple of smaller ones over the coming years.

Living Green Yoga on Social Media

You can find Lucy on Facebook and LinkedIn. And there is a website, too.

Thank you Lucy for this interview! I am so looking forward to finally catch up in real life and to join one of your classes. If you want to experience her teaching, she currently teaches a weekly class at The Bright Store in Hackney, Mondays 6:30pm and says “I always love to see new faces there, whether you’re a regular or just visiting London 🙂 “.



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