Last Updated on 7. June 2020

In today’s episode of “meet the Londoner” we catch up with a canine celebrity that I have been following on Instagram for a long time. Please welcome gorgeous Mildred the Sausage.

Dear Mildred, please tell us a bit about yourself

What’s your breed?

Miniature black and tan dachshund

How old are you?


Where in London do you live?

Greenwich, south east London

Which are the things you do on a perfect day?

Play fetch in the park and then go to the pub with my mums. Currently, play fetch on a smaller patch of grass near our house and then retreat to the sofa for a socially distanced Netflix binge.

When did you start your internet career?

When I was six months old.

Where do you go to meet new friends?

We met most of my best friends via Instagram – people relatively local to us who my mums got on with and then decided to meet in real life at the park.

Who enjoys dressing you up more? Your mummies or yourself?

Mummies definitely. I have a flair for the dramatic and I pretend to protest every time they put my school jumper on, even though I actually enjoy wearing it because it keeps me warm in the winter.

What’s your favourite game?

Sleeping / begging for cheese

Do you enjoy being recognized on the streets?

When people recognise me they are always smiling and excited to see me; it’s lovely that I can make them happy.

Who is your favourite friend? Is George still your boyfriend?

My best friend at school is a brown sausage called Loki. He’s the only one who can keep up with me for zoomies (I’m very fast). George is my boyfriend of 3 years and, though we are in a long distance relationship, I still get hysterically squeaky and happy when I see him face to face.

Tell us a bit about the Sausage Walk

The giant sausage walk no longer takes place as mummies have full time City jobs and it unintentionally turned into a massive event that went viral. We do meet ups now from time to time like Dogs at Pride where we had a party at Brewdog Soho to coincide with London Pride. These are more intimate and a great way of pawrents getting to know one another while we doggies can more easily play. We have also teamed up when professional event organisers say they’d like to include a sausage dog parade as part of an event, such as when the Smithfield 150 celebrations took place at the famous meat market. Don’t worry – they didn’t turn us into sausage meat.

How many dogs joined last time?

An estimated, and unexpected, 1000 dachshunds joined the last big park walk. Dogs at Pride had about 80 of us.

Are non-dog owners allowed to join?

Upon invitation to our smaller events, yes.

Do you plan another Dogs at Pride party this year?

Afraid not – Coronavirus scuppered all plans!

Mildred on London

What’s a must-see sight in London?

The view of Tower Bridge from More London (just next to London Bridge Station)

3 words to describe London

Lots of people

Dog-friendliest area of London?

Greenwich for sure!

How easy is using the tube for a sausage dog? Do you have to pay for it?

As long as your dog isn’t socially anxious or freaked out by transport and noises, getting the tube around London is super easy because sausage dogs are so portable and light enough to carry on escalators or if you can’t get a seat (RUDE!) There is no cost for dogs. I’ve been getting the tube since I was a little puppy so really enjoy it and the attention I get.

Which restaurant is dog-friendly?

There are many dog friendly restaurants in London. M Restaurants are a lovely chain if you want to mark a special celebration, Pastaio off Carnaby Street does brilliant pasta and will tolerate noisy children and welcome well-behaved pooches following a trip to Liberty’s which is closeby, and all branches of Brewdog serve dog beer, in addition to special brews for humans and several vegetarian food options. Also, you can find the best cakes in the world at Flavourtown Bakery on the Fulham Road. Freshly baked in store and they are gorgeous as well as delicious.

Your favourite shop?

Amazon. Shopping in London is horrible!

And a pub you enjoy visiting?

The Prince of Greenwich that I mentioned is a pub, come Italian restaurant (the best fresh pasta and pizza outside Italy says mum) come mini museum. They have live music at the weekends and neighbourhood dogs often sing along.

Questions for mums

Hi Catherine and Grace

How dog-friendly is London?

In certain pockets, especially south London, our city is small dog friendly. I think we’d struggle with a larger dog due to logistics of getting around on public transport (it’s not exactly roomy). We have to carry Mildred if there’s a crowd as she’s so small that people often don’t see her. We definitely had to change our lifestyle significantly when we got her and plan ahead when going out to new places.

Does Mildred have to walk on the lead all the time?

When on the pavement, dogs must be on a lead at all times. In the park she can be let off lead. For the most part, Mildred has excellent recall and sticks closeby. The exception is when she raids someone’s picnic or sees a squirrel. She’s partial to Parma ham.

Does Mildred always accompany you? If not, where do you go without her?

Mildred doesn’t always come out with us. We work full time so she goes to daycare and hangs out with her friends. On the weekends we are pretty much always together. Greenwich, where we live, is really beautiful with plenty of things to do so we rarely need to stray far from home, or leave Mildred alone for that long. Greenwich market has lots of lovely artisan stalls, there are boutiques and art shops around to peruse, the Greenwich observatory has the most amazing view, and the world famous Cutty Sark tea clipper is stationed here and now a museum. If you like boats, there is a rich naval history in Greenwich so while it’s not our usual adventure, the tourists flock here to visit the sights.

Where do you go for a nice dinner?

We don’t eat out so much in London, sorry! Nice special evenings for us usually involve a quick pre theatre meal in one of the many restaurants in Covent Garden and a trip to the theatre in the West End. Both of us love musicals and we have world-class performers on our doorstep. Obviously Mildred stays home, but she enjoys our reenactments of musicals at home too.

Mildred the sausage on social media

Follow Mildred’s adventures on Instagram (@mildredthesausage) or Facebook (@mildredthesausage) and stay updated on new outfits and activities.

Dear Mildred, a big thank you to you and your mums for taking the time for this interview. I loved getting insights into your life and the recommendations for restaurants will be tested very soon.

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