Last Updated on 30. October 2020

In this episode of “Meet the Londoner” we catch up with the Greek Paris Michailidis, whose company “My Little Panda” is based at Trinity Buoy Wharf. This is where he sells cutlery and other products made of bamboo. Find out more about him and his shop in this interview.

Paris, please tell us a bit about yourself

Who are you?

My Name is Paris Michailidis, 47 soon the 27th of October 2020, background corporate services for 17 years, the last 3 years natural products.

You are originally from Greece, what brought you to London?

In 1998 an English lady arrived in Cyprus and stole me (my father words), she has been my wife for 20 years.

In which area of London do you live?

In Blackheath near Greenwich.

When did you start “My little Panda” and what was the motivation to do so?

My father and brother within two years lost the battle to cancer and mum develop Alzheimer’s, that made me rethink my purpose in life. I decided to take my anger out on plastic, but the category is so big I concentrate to develop products that reduce plastic conception but also they are non chemical. Especially when we eat.  The raw strory is on the website. The link to “Raw story how it all began” can be found here.

What kind of products do you offer?

Natural, sustainable and ethical products. Mainly from Bamboo and hemp.

What makes your products special?

They contain no chemicals which minimise the risk of intaking extra chemicals in our bodies while eating or drinking. Also they come from sustainable materials. Bamboo is a grass, so even if you cut it it will regrow, hemp needs minimal water compare to cotton which makes it extremely sustainable.

Which is your best-selling item at the moment?

The bamboo lunch sets – due to covid -19 our clients choose to use personal cutlery sets so they don’t have to share cutlery … double the benefit, hygienic and sustainable.

Your shop is based in Trinity Buoy Wharf which is still a bit of a hidden spot. Why should people come and visit the area?

The are is historical and gives you a sort of  anidea how London used to be, so if you want to get away from the glass buildings our area is the perfect spot. (most sales are online for us hence we are not in a primary retail spot – plus less expensive).

Where do you see My little Panda in 5 years?

The new Ikea for natural products – ? that’s the dream, if is in 5 years I am not sure but one day for sure. We are trying to keep investors out of the business so our growth is slow but sustainable.

Paris about London

What’s a must-see sight in London?

The canals by foot or bicycle, Stratford to Camden town, 9 miles – perfect – no cars.

3 words to describe London

cars,cars,cars – I think that’s 3

The best museum in London is…?

Sorry, I am not a museum person – more of an outdoor.

Where do you go for a nice lunch?

Packed lunch (wife’s is the best) veg from our garden

Favourite café?

None lol  – Greek coffee is the best at my office

A place/area/spot to find quiet and peace in busy London?

Greenwich park sort of quiet – nice at 6 a

Fun stuff about Paris

Gin and Tonic or Pimm’s?


Milk in first or last?

No milk – strong coffee

Favourite Tube line?

None – I use a bicycle – (electric) it helps

Favourite colour?

It’s green ?

Best advice you were given?

From my dad – think twice, act once

My Little Panda on Social Media

The whole range of products can be found the My Little Panda website. You can order directly from there. Follow Paris and his shop on Facebook (@mylittlePandaUK), Instagram (@mylittlepanda_uk), Twitter (@mylittlepandauk) or Pinterest (@mylittlepanda_uk).

Dear Paris, how nice that we have met. As a big fan of your products, I am very happy that I can now offer your cutlery to my readers as part of the surprise boxes (available in Germany only).


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