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In today’s episode of “Meet the Londoner”: the Street Artist Otto Schade. His with “Osch” signed works can be found in Camden, Shoreditch and on Brick Lane. I have admired his works in London for many years.

“HUMF” – or Hurry Up Mother Fucker is my all-time favourite (I love E.T.). Sadly, this street art no longer exists in Shoreditch. It was tagged by others and finally completely painted black. Otto told me that a re-creation would make no sense as the building will be demolished anyway.

In May 2018 I met Otto in Munich where he attended the Stroke Art Fair. I had the chance to watch him live at work which was such an exciting experience! To see the creation of a “ribbon style” rhino was great. Btw, this way of working has become his signature style.

After meeting in Munich the following interview was done.

What you need to know about Otto Schade

Otto was born at the end of October 1971 in Concepcion in Chile and he is an architect. He lived in both Berlin and London and he returns to both cities to rework existing art pieces (e.g. when they got tagged by others) and to create new ones.

His signature is “Osch”. You will find this on each of this works.

Otto hat two styles he works with: the “ribbon style” – his signature style – in which 3D effects get created with ribbons. He uses this style to create people, animals and words.

And then, there is the “orb style” in which anti-war themes are put into an orb.

The interview with Otto Schade

Hi, I am Otto.

I am from Chile.

Today, I (still) live in London.

I am an architect – artist.

Most of my work can be found in

My favourite colour is green.

And I have a favourite motive which is a ribbons style (this 3D style has become his signature style).

I get my inspiration from everywhere.

When I was a kid I wanted to become an artist.

Besides working as an artist, I enjoy travelling.

I love coconut water and  seafood.

Otto Schade on London

The following three words describe London best: grey, tolerant, international.

My favourite sight in London is The Thames.

The coolest bar in London is Bull in a China Shop (this Shoreditch bar has a bull by Otto on the wall and some engraved art into the windows by artist Borondo).

Fun stuff about Otto Schade

Marmite – love it or hate it? Love!

I wish I could fly.

My favourite book is Siddhartha (the novel by Herrmann Hesse from 1922 tells the story of Siddhartha, son of a braman who travels to seek knowledge and enlightenment).

I am happiest when I paint.

My motto in life is: experience life with passion!

Artist at work: Otto Schade live at Stroke Art Fair in Munich

During the Stroke Art Fair in Munich I could watch Otto at work. A very special experience! To see how a boring yellow wall was turned into a black one, how with few lines of chalk only the contoures of a rhino came to life.

Otto has an eye for detail, he contantly checks on his work. Makes sure that enough black paint is on the wall. Compares the draft in his hand with the contoures on the wall.

While working he told me that he prefers working in summer as the paint dries so much quicker and it is warmer. Also that he hardly speaks any German despite living in Berlin for some time.

Conclusion: Otto is a very nice person and talented on top!

Otto Schade in Social Media

More impressions of Otto’s work and upcoming events and exhibitions can be found on Otto Schade’s homepage, on his Facebook page (@Ottoschade1) or on his Instagram Account (@otto_schade).

Btw, another interview with Otto can be found on the Weltreize page by Claudian and Dominik.

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