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A new interview for the “Meet the Londoner” section, today with the artist Sam Peacock. Enjoy reading!

Meet the Londoner – Sam Peacock

Hi Sam, tell us a bit about yourself

My name is Sam Peacock, I am in the 40 range and I have been making art professionally ever since leaving university in the 90s.

Did you study something arty?

I did, I did a BA Fine art degree at Coventry University and focused on painting. Before that I probably had the happiest 2 years making art at college.

Where were you born?

I was born in Rugby in the 70’s. Rugby is a town in the Midlands which is famous for the public school which dominates the town having the field in which the game of Rugby was first played.

Where do you live now?

I live near Hastings on the South coast, Hastings is famous for many things, primarily being the birthplace of television.

How do you choose what to paint?

I am really in to working closely with the landscape that surrounds Sussex and creating work which represents the historical and industrial past that it hosts. I am influenced by geological studies of the area and using a variety of colours to show this.

What materials do you prefer working with?

I use a mix of materials which will add texture to the work and in some way have a link to the landscape. Items such as chalk, coffee paraffin wax and oil all come I nto play and highlight industy within the work.

What is your favourite motif?

I don’t have one as such but I tend to sign all the work with a 3 ring mark at the base of the work to authenticate it with collectors.

What is your favourite colour?

Commercially, I tend to vary the pastel tones within the work and use a collection of blues and turquoises, but my favourite will always be red.

Where do you see yourself within 5 years?

Well, I ideally would like to show my work on a beach somewhere and attach each of the steel paintings to the groynes for everyone to see. It would take it away from the art galleries and art fairs for a bit and be open to elemental damage.

Sam Peacock on London

What does London mean to you?

It represents a coming together of thought and ideas from all across the world, diversity and beauty and the ability to achieve and succeed in whatever you choose.

What is a must see sight in London?

I always find peace, art and enlightenment in the Wallace Collection.

3 words to describe London

Open, Fast, regenerated

Where do you go for a good breakfast?

The café on Whitecross St, opposite one of the galleries that represent me.

The craziest food you have ever had?

Something in chinatown…..

The best museum is?

The best curated space at present in London is the Barbican space in East London.

Which is the coolest bar?

The best wine bar is Gordons in Embankment. Best booze and best food. But pricy.

Where is your favourite part of London?

Egotistically, if you go into the Novotel Hotel in Canary Wharf, you can see my work as it dominates the foyer and the 1st floor. That’s my favourite part. Worth a visit.

Fun stuff about Sam Peacock

Which is your favourite ice cream?

Rum and Raisin as long as its Italian.

Gin  and Tonic or Pimms?

Oh, the whole lot of it, it’s all booze.

What was your weirdest experience while using the Tube?

I was about 20 and whilst drunk I fell asleep on the tube whilst heading home and woke up on a deserted tube carriage in Tower Hill at 1 in the morning. I had to wander the empty tunnels looking for a way out. I was eventually let out by a policeman who gave me a telling off for being in private property. Weirder still, I was then given a lift home by a prostitute and her pimp, they took pity on me.

Milk in first or last?

I’m black all the way.

Your favourite Tube line?

One that works…..

Sam Peacock on Social Media

Curious about Sam’s work? Then you’ll find more info about him, his works and upcoming exhibitions on the Sam Peacock website.

You can also follow him on Facebook (@SamPeacockArt) and Instagram (@sampeacockart).

Thanks for taking your time for this interview, Sam. Looking forward to finally catch up in real life!

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