Last Updated on 10. April 2020

In January I got myself a proper photo shooting in London with the photographer Fiona Kelly (yes, all paid by myself, I recommend her because I am convinced by her talent and not because I got paid) as I needed professional photos. I am super happy with the results and I still enjoy my memories from this day. That Fiona took the time and answered some questions for me, made the day even better. Enjoy another episode of “Meet the Londoner”!

The photographer Fiona Kelly

Fiona, please introduce yourself to my readers

My name is Fiona, I am 40-something (!) and I am a photographer. I have lived in London for over 20 years but am not a native Londoner. I was born and brought up in the North West of England in the Lake District. After studying Graphic Design in Newcastle I moved to London to get a job and never left!

When did you start working as a photographer?

I started my career as a graphic designer and photographic art director working for fashion and lifestyle brands. My photography business began 10 years ago and from the start my style has been influenced by my background in design. I find inspiration in the small things; light, nature, design and people.

Do you teach photography classes?

I do! I started teaching beginners photography classes a few years ago. I love to work with small groups to share my knowledge and help people learn how to use their camera properly and how to see things with a photographers eye.

What is your favourite motive?

I am motivated by the people I work with but also very much inspired by light and location.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

The world around me, architecture, light, nature and the people I work with. I love watching films to get inspiration for composition and creativity.

Can my readers book you for a shooting while visiting London?

They can indeed! I am very happy to arrange a shoot that includes some of your favourite areas of London (and some you may not have visited) and to capture wonderful, relaxed photos of you while you enjoy the city. I have a few options for shoot packages, which I can send details of. I am also very happy to offer £50 off any package that is booked through this blog.

Fiona about London

How do you spend a perfect day in London?

A perfect day in London always starts with my family and friends. I love spending time with my loved ones when I am not working. I live in South London so often head out into the countryside with our dog for a walk and some scenery and fresh air. If we head into central London I love taking a walk along the South Bank or exploring Spitalfields market. Then stopping for a relaxed lunch and a glass of wine.

Where do you go for a good breakfast?

For a treat I love going to The Wolseley for Brunch.

What would you recommend for a first-time visitor in London to see/visit?

The London Eye is a great place to start as you see loads of London from a great viewpoint. Spitalfields Market is great for shopping and eating. Covent Garden always has loads going on, although it can get very busy. Greenwich is beautiful from a historical point of view and good for food. The Tower of London or Hampton Court Palace are great if you love history. Kew Gardens is beautiful if you enjoy being outside surrounded by plants.

I would also recommend just walking. There is so much you can see by walking around the centre. Nothing is too far away and you see so much by wandering.

Which 3 words describe London best?

Vibrant, Creative, Open

Where is your favourite part of the City?

I’m torn between Greenwich, Regents Park and South Bank. Places which are beautiful, have great history and lots going on.

Where is a good place to go with a kid?

My son loves the Southbank area, there is always something going on, plenty of space to safely run around (and climb on things). Lots of places to get food and drink and markets to check out.

Aside from that the Science and Natural History Museums are brilliant, although they can get very busy so worth going early. Greenwich is also a great area with the park, the planetarium and observatory. I’d recommend going by boat from central London to Greenwich, which is a really fun trip.

Some fun stuff about Fiona Kelly

How many cameras do you have?

I have 3 professional DSLR’s, 2 film cameras and a couple of small cameras for holidays and days out and about.

Milk in first or milk in last into your tea?

Milk in second, always!

What’s your favourite colour?

Green (olive/khaki green), Coral and Mustard Yellow.

How many pics have you taken of Big Ben so far?

I have lost count! Not so many over the last couple for years while the scaffolding has been up.

Fiona Kelly on Social Media

Curious about Fiona and her work? Then follow her on Facebook via @Fionakellyphotography or on Instagram via @fionakellyphoto (her wedding/portrait/family account) or @fionakellyphotos_commercial (for commercial/business shoots)

Dear Fiona, thanks for this wonderful day! Over 20.000 steps well spend. I am looking forward to another session in summer. 

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