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It’s “National Tea Day” on the 21st of April and the United Kingdom celebrates its favourite hot beverage. But what’s behind that day? Why is it celebrated at all? Answers will be given in this post. So have a cuppa and enjoy this post..

National Tea Day – never heard before?

You have never heard of the “National Tea Day” before? Never mind, nor did I. So let’s have a look at this special day together. And as an apology for both of us: “National Tea Day” was celebrated in 2016 for the first time with a bigger audience…

What’s National Tea Day all about?

The 21st of April is “National Tea Day” and the UK celebrates its favourite hot beverage – the tea. The movement started as a small project between tea lovers and tea houses.

They want to celebrate tea and its meaning for society as well as to raise money for charity. The event has grown over the years and has become a platform for the different tea companies. Not only do they want to cherish tea but also promote sustainability and fair working conditions and prices for tea farmers and people working in the tea industry.

In the participating shops there will be free samples of tea and special offers. Many places offer special afternoon teas and everyone is invited to have an afternoon tea at home.

The hash tag #NationalTeaDay was a trending one last year.

For the first time ever, there will be a “National Tea Day”-Festival in London.

First “National Tea Day”-Festival in London

When you are in London, join the first ever “National Tea Day”-Festival at Kensington Roof Gardens. The event starts at 10.30 and lasts until 16. Tickets are £5 and 100% of the proceeds will go to charity.

The festival is a mix of garden party, tea tasting and other activities. You can join a baking session, learn more about the history of tea or – my personal favourite – discover how tea etiquette was in Victorian London. For details on what is offered when, check out the “Exper-Teas Zone“. There will be tea dances and a Queen Victoria lookalike will be ready for taking pics with you.

To learn more about the event and book your ticket, find the homepage here.

Tea – national drink in the UK

The Brits love tea and drink 2,7kg per head and year (as in 2014). This is on fifth rank, Turkey is the leading country in tea consumption. In the last years the coffee-to-go mentality grew but the passion for a cuppa still exists. And I can so understand this! I like the “but first, tea” mentality which brings me down and relaxes me. After a good cup of tea my world is always a better place.

The best way to enjoy my cuppa: in the diamond julilee mug from 2012

The best way to enjoy my cuppa: in the diamond julilee mug from 2012

Tea culture, Afternoon tea and more – blog post series with Totally-London and A decent cup of tea

You want to know more about the tea culture in the United Kingdom and you have wondered so many time what is part of a classical Afternoon tea? You are looking for good tea shops in London? Look forward to the next weeks. In cooperation with Sandra from “A decent cup of Tea” I will work on posts about these topics. Sandra will share her knowledge about tea time and will offer some recipes with us while I will tell you about having an Afternoon Tea in an old Routemaster bus. In June I will join the Afternoon Tea Bus Tour with B-Bakery and I am really looking forward to that event!

Afternoon Tea at the British Museum, just one place where you can enjoy tea culture in London

Afternoon Tea at the British Museum, just one place where you can enjoy tea culture in London

Find Sandra’s post about “National Tea Day” here, it’s in German.

What kind of tea drinker are you?

I drink lots of tea. My favourites are Jasmine and herbal teas. Black tea comes with milk, no sugar, the milk goes last into the mug.

Are you a tea-enthusiast, too? Which tea is your favourite? When and how often do you drink tea? Milk, sugar, both, none? Do you agree that a good cup of tea can make the world a better place? Do you have questions about tea culture?

I am looking forward to your replies and questions and will answer them in the next posts with the support of Sandra.



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