Last Updated on 4. July 2018

I have to admit, I was never that fond of the Sherlock Holmes books. However, since Benedict Cumberbatch and Johnny Lee Miller have played cool Sherlocks on TV, I am addicted, too.

London is a good location to learn more about the master detective as there are many spots which are connected with him.

Some of them we will visit now.

Starting point Baker Street Tube station

Baker Street is a stop at the Bakerloo Line. Inside the station you get reminded of the detective as some walls are decorated with his face.

At Sherlock’s home – the Sherlock Holmes Museum

Leave the tube at Baker Street station to get to the Sherlock Holmes Museum. 221b Baker Street is the imaginary home of the detective according to the books of Arthur Canon Doyle. The rooms are filled with many details delivering the atmosphere of a flat at Victorian London.

Life-sized statue

In opposite direction of Baker Street Station you will find a statue of Sherlock Holmes at 4 Marylebone Road. It’s part of the “Talking statues London” and you can listen to Sherlock if you scan the QR code. The statue was created by British artist John Doubleday and was erected in 1999.

Selfie with Sherlock Holmes – at Madame Tussauds

The wax museum has a figure of Benedict Cumberbatch who has played a modern version of the detective since 2010 for the BBC series “Sherlock”. The actor is sometimes seen in London but whether you will get that close to him is real life is doubtful. So take your chance here…

A drink at the Sherlock Holmes Pub

At 10 Northumberland Street (close to Trafalgar Square) you will find the Sherlock Holmes Pub.  An old and traditional pub and restaurant that offers drinks and food from 8 in the morning until late at night. When I visited I could even choose between a Sherlock and a Watson beer.

Entrance door at Euston Square

Every time you see the door to 221b Baker Street at the BBC series they have filmed the scenes at 187 North Gower Street. This is close to Euston Square.

If you want to visit more film locations of the BBC series, you can find a list of used locations per episode here.

Andrea from Filmtourismus offers an article about the London of Sherlock Holmes, too. The article is in German and can be found here.

If you are now in the mood for Sherlock, I can recommend “Elementary” starring Johnny Lee Miller and Lucy Lu as Dr. Watson and the BBC series “Sherlock” starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. Both can be watched via Netflix.

Besides the classical novels by Arthur Canon Doyle there are many authors that have published Sherlock books, most of them being set at Victorian London. Of my favourite books at the moment is “Art in the Blood” by Bonnie MacBird.


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