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Where are special and unique places for doing in Yoga in London? Where to enjoy a nice view while practising? Where do they teach a special style?

I join Yoga classes in London on a regular basis and each time I try to find a new location or teacher. My best recommendations (list is constantly growing) so far can be found in this post. Here they are – Special Yoga Locations in London I tried so far.

Yoga in the Walkways – on the glass floor inside Tower Bridge

My first yoga session at a special location was in March 2015 inside Tower Bridge. I took part in a morning vinyasa class which started at 7.30. It is recommend to be at the Bridge at 7.15 though. This means getting up early. When I left my hotel, the City had a special atmosphere. It was quite early, the masses of tourists not yet awake and even most Londoners were still in bed (as it was a Saturday). It was very quiet and peaceful. I was the only person leaving “Tower Hill“ station, I passed the Tower and headed towards Tower Bridge. The Yoga class takes place before the official opening hours of the Bridge. Therefore, it was also quiet inside.

Together with approx. 10 other yogis I unpacked my mat onto the glass floor. I love the glass floor! On 11 m the former floor had been replaced with a thick glass through which you can look down onto the Bridge or the Thames (depending on whether the Bridge is open or closed). Doing Yoga on it was a special experience. You can watch cars, buses and pedestrians crossing the Bridge. To be fair my view was slightly restricted as I had to put my Yoga mat onto the glass, but still a lot of fun.

Keep in mind that a glass floor is quite chilly. There were a few in my group who practiced without mat and barefoot. Obviously, they had a better view onto life on the bridge compared to those having ice-cold feet although being on a mat with socks  (like myself).. But the session itself and the fantastic view onto the awakening London have more than compensated the coldness! Book you class via the Tower Bridge Homepage.

Ministry of Sound goes Yoga – practice on the dancefloor

I found this cool Yoga location in summer 2016 when I attended a class held by „Fat Buddha Yoga“ in the “Ministry of Sound”. This nightclub in South London is quite famous and huge. It was special to be in a club during the day, no loud music, no crowds, no queue in front of the ladies – just some relaxed yogis who wanted to have a session on the dancefloor.

Class itself was held by Jessica Skye and it was amazing! Jessica is a Ministry of Sound resident DJ so she knows the location well and does cool mix tapes for her classes. We had a challenging class but the music always kept us motivated. It also proved that Yoga works perfectly with disco sound.

The teacher practices in front of the class, therefore no adjustments from her which you might know from other classes/teachers. After class we had some snacks and drinks which were included into the ticket price. I did my booking via the “FBY” homepage.

Yoga in London’s highest garden – at the Sky Garden

A yoga class with a view can be experienced at the Sky Garden. In London’s highest garden you can book a morning class which takes place before the other visitors arrive. With a fantastic view onto Leadenhall Building and The Gherkin you will practice for an hour in Vinyasa style.

Once the other visitors arrive, expect them to stare at your group – there were even some pointing their fingers on us – but keep focused on yourself and onto your mat. Also keep in mind that it’s chilly inside the Sky Garden and that you will practice on the floor. Bring warm socks and a sweater to keep yourself warm and comfortable.

Good to know: normally you need to book a free ticket before visiting the Sky Garden.  But: I didn’t get an additional ticket for the visit as I had my ticket for class. This worked well. To be safe, double-check before booking. Advantage of a yoga class at the Sky Garden: you can enjoy the view before and after your class for as long as you wish. Find out more about the yoga at the Sky Garden Homepage.

Sky-high Yoga class at The Shard

Speaking of fantastic views: let’s not forget the yoga classes at „The Shard“. They are organised by the  “Yogasphere“ team and take place on weekends. They offer you a sky-high yoga class for sure.

You will get another challenging Vinyasa class which comes with a great view onto the City of London. Mats will be provided which means you don’t need to bring anything. Simply choose your favourite spot and come early if you want to get a mat close to the windows.

Session lasts for 60 minutes and you can stay up to 30 minutes longer to capture the views. Depeding on the weather class takes place on top floor which is partially open. Keep that in mind and bring your clothes accordingly. You can book your class at the Shard Homepage.

Chroma Yoga – Colour therapy meets yoga class

New and unique in London are the yoga classes at ChromaYoga. They combine light therapy, sound and scents with classical yoga postures. Classes are offered in red, blue, yellow, orange and pink and each colour stimulates the body differently. During the Chromatic classes you will experience either a sunrise or a sunset. Classes are challenging but they offer alternatives so that you can adjust according to your abilities.

I have tried and enjoyed a Chromatic class but I need to try a pink class next time!

First time doing Yoga?

For all the classes which I just recommended: basic Yoga knowledge will give you more fun. Never done Yoga before? The Vinyasa flows might be hard to follow. Why not learn the Yoga basics at home and then enjoy special yoga classes in London?

Bring your own mat if you prefer sweating into your own stuff. In addition to that, just prepare yourself as you would for a class at home. Comfortable clothes, warm socks, maybe a warm sweater (as some locations might be chilly). And then – have fun and namaste!

Which Yoga studios in London can you recommend? Who is a good teacher? Which location should I try next? Leave a comment below and help me to find more cool Yoga places in London.

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