Last Updated on 16. August 2018

Origin of the Sir John Soane’s Museum

The Sir John Soane’s Museum is a wonderful place and it only exists because architect Sir John Soane was a passionate collector. He first kept his artefacts in 12 Lincoln’s Inn Fields but later acquired houses no. 13 and 14 to have enough space for his constantly growing collection. He opened his houses to his students for them to study the objects while at the same time living and working in the same space.

When he died he wanted his house and collection to be preserved in the way it was at the time of his death in 1837. He wished it to be kept open and free the public to enjoy and learn.

Why is the Sir John Soane’s Museum worth a visit?

Sometimes, people call the museum “Litte British Museum” and this for a reason. The collection is huge and diversified. Inside the museum every corner is filled with furniture, paintings, books, busts and drawings. The whole collection might look chaotic at the first view but the contrary is the case. Every room is dedicated to a single topic and the objects fit in nicely.

I have been to the museum several times but I just can’t get enough of it. The mix inside the rooms fascinates me every time I visit. Every room looks different, there is so much to explore. There is a huge sarcophagus from Seti I in the basement, close to the tomb of family dog Fanny. Busts next to paintings on moveable walls, furniture that belonged to Sir Soane next to porcellain. They seem to have everything here. I never get bored and to be honest, I feel like an adventurer myself when I am here.

You are no longer allowed to take photos inside the museum. First I thought this is a shame as I wanted to take pics with a new camera. But now I think it’s a good idea. Only without a camera or smartphone in your hand you can feel like one of Sir Soane’s students while walking in dimly lit floors. You will feel the atmosphere much more intense.

Address and Opening times

Entrance to the Museum is at 13 Lincoln’s Inn Fields, London WC2A 3BP. Take the Tube to “Holborn” and walk from there.

Admire the treasures from Wednesday to Sunday from 10 – 17. Last entry is at 16.30. Longer opening times on special days, sometimes tours in candlelight. Check out the Homepage of the Sir John Soane’s Museum to find out when such events are planned. Special events ask for an entrance fee, otherwise the entrance is free.

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