Last Updated on 12. May 2019

In this latest edition of Meet the Londoner we meet Miriam Agat – founder of Simple Animal. Join me and get to know her!

Hello Miriam, please tell us a bit about yourself

My name is Miriam. I’m a German-Israeli thirty-something woman, passionate vegan and half-passionate Londoner who has many jobs, sings, and owns/runs an ethical fashion label.

I was born in Germany, lived there until the age of 6, before my family relocated to Israel for 2 and a half years, and then went back to Germany. I’ve been living in London for almost 9 years.

When and why did you move to London?

I moved to London for a study year abroad at QMUL 9 years ago, and never left.

Where in London do you live?

Currently in Willesden Green.

What do you like about this area in London?

I like that it has cosy, little shops and is well connected.

What was the best advice you were ever given?

Possibly to “never, never, never give up’.

When did you become vegan and which is your favourite vegan dish?

I became vegan when I was moving to London. I’m a big foodie, so it’s hard to determine my favourite dish, but I’m a big fan of the Mediterranean kitchen.

Best advice for someone who wants to try or even go vegan?

Know why you want it, watch documentaries to remind yourself why you do it, never apologise! Try not to be a dick (it’s hard).

About Simple Animal

When did you start your business “Simple Animal” and what’s the intention behind it?

I started it in 2014, straight after my studies. I wanted to have my own business, and seeing many vegan t-shirt brands that used oil-based ink and cheap t-shirts that supported unfair working conditions for people, I wanted to do it differently.

What do you sell?

I sell my own designs, screen-printed on ethically sourced t-shirts and tote bags.

What makes your products special?

They feature images of happy animals from sanctuaries, or in freedom, or in very happy homes. Each and every product is individually hand-printed by me, the process, the ink and the materials are all vegan and eco friendly.

What’s the best-selling product on your page?

The ants and ‘cat frontin’’.

Where do you see yourself and Simple Animal in 5 years?

Doesn’t everyone hate this question ;)? I don’t even know where I see myself next weekend!

Do you ship to Germany?


Miriam Agat about London

  • What’s a must-see sight in London? Tower Bridge by night.
  • 3 words to describe London: expensive, fast, diverse
  • Where do you go for a good breakfast? Black cat café
  • The craziest food you ever had in London is? Cheesy pizza dough balls at Purezza.
  • The best museum in London is…? The British Museum
  • The coolest bar is…? Ooh, don’t know…
  • Favourite part of London? East London

Some fun stuff about the Simple Animal founder

  • Which is your favourite ice-cream flavour? Dark chocolate or salted caramel, undecided.
  • Gin and Tonic or Pimm’s? I don’t drink alcohol.
  • What was your weirdest experience ever while using the tube? I created it: pretending to bite strangers during rush hour and snapping pictures of it (only works smoothly in pairs and is guaranteed to make you look like a total weirdo, who’s utterly unaware of the English etiquette).
  • Favourite Tube line? Central
  • Which book should everybody read? Sally Rooney’s ‘Conversations with Friends’

Find Simple Animal online

Miriam’s vegan products can be ordered via the shop on the Simple Animal website.

To stay up-to-date, follow on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

A special goodie for all Totally-London readers: Miriam offers 15% off the products if you use the code “TL” (for Totally-London).

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Important: this post comes from the bottom of my heart and not because I was paid to write it. It is always my intention to recommend cool people, products and places to you which I personally like and which make London special to me. 

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