Last Updated on 21. February 2018

Sometimes, you meet the best and most interesting people when you don’t intend to meet anybody. This happened to me in June 2017 when I met artist Paul Guthrie at the Old Spitalfields Market.

I wasn’t searching for a new painting when I was strolling around the market that special Sunday. To be honest, I was already on my way home when a small stall outside made me curious.

How a runner duck makes my life more colourful

Do you know that feeling when you walk past something and you need to stop immediately to have a closer look? There is nothing you can do against it? You have to stop? Well, this is what happened when I saw the painting of the Indian runner duck by Paul. I like runner ducks, I think they look very funny and cute at the same time. And this special duck was even surrounded by neon-pink flowers! Perfect match!

I want people to feel uplifted when they see my work…

Paul and I had a little chat while I was admiring his work. He started relatively late with being an artist, in 2010, aged 37. He is entirely self-taught. On his homepage Paul says “I want people to feel uplifted when they see my work…”. This absolutely worked for me when I saw the duck!

The painting, which I liked so much at Old Spitalfields Market, was way too big to take it home. But Paul promised me to produce some smaller ones.

The move of two duck paintings to Germany

Some weeks after that, I had an email from Paul. The smaller versions of the duck painting were ready and could be ordered. After a straightforward payment via PayPal the order was set and my paintings arrived in Germany some weeks later. I put them into black frames so that the neon-pink is even more visible and ever since that day they have made me smile each single day.

Why do I think that Paul is a cool person and that you should know him? Obviously because he paints amazing pictures (not only with runner ducks). I also like the elephant and the peacock ones.

But also because he enjoys what he does so much and this has been very inspirational to me. He says: “I can’t imagine not painting – I love it!” And you can feel that passion when you look at his work!

Have you become a fan of Paul?

If you enjoyed the brief glimpse of Paul’s work in this post, you should have a look at his homepage. There you will find all this latest paintings and you can buy from there, too. Alternatively, visit him at this stand at the Old Spitalfields Market (but I recommend to check online first if he’s in).

To get regular updates from Paul, why not follow him on FB (@paulguthrieart) or Instagram (@paulgusthrieart).


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