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There are so many wonderful vegan restaurants in London. Tasty and with good value for money. Generally, life as a vegan in the British capital is easy. Perhaps this is because the word “vegan” was invented in the UK over 70 years? It was invented by the founder of the Vegan Society, Donald Watson.
Whether you’re a local or a tourist, whether you’ve been living without animal products for a long time, or want to try out this philosophy – here are my favourite vegan restaurants in London. Enjoy your meal!
This post will be updated regularly and new vegan restaurants will be added. The current status is from January 2019.

Vegan Restaurants in the North of London

Feb by Water – the vegan Italian

“Fed by Water” is a vegan Italian restaurant next to Dalston Kingsland Station. When you enter the restaurant you immediately notice some things: The walls are painted completely black, but the many plants that hang from the ceiling and are spread all over the restaurant add a touch of colour. You can smell incense sticks in the entrance area, Indian music is playing in the dining area and everyone is very relaxed and friendly here. There is also a garden area, which is certainly very cosy in summer. In the cold months you will sit inside and rather close to the neighbouring tables. Nevertheless, it is pleasantly quiet. Apart from the joyful munching one hardly hears anything from the other guests.
How is the food? Incredibly delicious! During my visit, I had Sandra from “A decent cup of tea” with me. We tried the “Olive bowl and olive marble bread” as a shared starter, had the Pizza “Diavola” and the Spaghetti Carbonara and the “Tiraminut” as dessert. We were both pretty full after the mains but didn’t regret the decision for the dessert. It was a delicious finale. “Fed by Water” gets 5 out of 5 stars for a cool location, very good food and good value for money (we paid about £60 together).
Tip: The seats are limited and it is recommended to book in advance.

Vegan Food in London’s East

Temple of Hackney – Vegan Burger Restaurant

The small “Temple of Hackney” near the Overground Station “Hackney Central” may be known to you as “Temple of Seitan”. They offer freshly prepared burgers, “chick’n” and fries. There are a few places outside the restaurant, inside you can wait for your food but there is only limited seating available. The vegan temple was well visited during my visit, there were several people waiting for their food which is mostly a good sign. And it is true here as well: my “Temple Spicy”-Burger was hot, tasty and not too greasy. The chips were crispy, but in combination with the burger too much for me, I couldn’t finish.
Temple of Hackney gets 4 out of 5 stars. The deduction is not for the quality of the food, but because I don’t like to eat while standing and the atmosphere in the bar area is not that comfortable.

Sutton & Sons Vegan Fish & Chips

Sutton & Sons in Hackney are – according to their website – London’s only pure vegan fish & chips store. I can confirm that they are by far the tastiest Fish & Chips shop in London.
The restaurant is small, but bright and with a lot of wood. There is a counter along the window and a big table. It feels less like a fast food place but much more like a very small restaurant.
The “fish” is actually a banana blossom that is wrapped in dough and then fried. I recommend to go for the crispy French fries and a tartar sauce as well. The mix was just incredibly delicious! The fibres of the blossom actually give the feeling that you are eating fish, the breading is crispy, but not soaked in fat. I’m not really surprised that Sutton & Sons manage the vegan version so nicely, because they’ve been in business with classical Fish & Chips for over 20 years and they simply know how to do it. They get 5 out of 5 stars.

The Canvas Cafe

The Canvas Cafe on Hanbury Street is a restaurant, community centre and creative quarter all in one. I tried the “Tofish and Chips” here. The portion was huge and delicious. Since I also liked the cozy atmosphere in the basement (here you can eveb paint on the walls), the Canvas Cafe gets 5 out of 5 points.

Sweet and vegan treats in London’s West End

Yorika – vegan desserts and snacks

If you have a sweet tooth, Yorika is your place. They offer frozen yoghurt, shakes and ice cream. Completely vegan, of course, but also without nuts and gluten. Enjoy without regrets! Perfect, isn’t it?
The small shop in Soho (130 Wardour Street) is not meant for a longer stay. There are a few chairs, but most people take their treats with them. Because it tastes delicious, they get 5 out of 5 stars.

Vegan Doughnuts at Crosstown

Sweet food lovers will be happy to hear that there are also good vegan doughnuts. And you will get them at Crosstown. They have several branches in London, each offering a few vegan varieties. But there is even a completely vegan branch in Marylebone.
I often find doughnuts too greasy and sweet, but my “Vegan Coconut & Lime” was great! Just the right mix between sour and sweet, not too big, just delicious. Therefore – and because there are pictures of Nathan Bowen in the Soho store – 5 out of 5 stars.

Vegan Asian food nearly everywhere in London

Wagamama is back on my list for favourite restaurants since they have launched their vegan menu (at the end of 2017). I have tried almost all vegan mains already – all delicious. My favourites one though: Kare Burasu (a soup with silk tofu and mushrooms) and the Yasai Samla Curry (nice and hot).
The food tastes really nice, it’s always quick and they have branches all over London. Therefore, 5 out of 5 stars.

Your recommendations

Are you vegan? If so, what other recommendations do you have? Where do you go for a tasty vegan meal? Leave a comment under this post and inspire me.


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