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Kennst du die “Art Car Boot Fair“? Das ist eine einzigartige Kunstmesse in London, die 2018 am Granary Square in Kings Cross stattfindet. Am 16. September kannst du zwischen 12 und 18 Uhr für kleines Geld Original Kunstwerke von lokalen Künstlern erwerben. Die sind persönlich vor Ort und unterhalten sich gerne mit den Interessierten. Einer der Künstler, der auch in diesem Jahr wieder dabei ist, ist Sean Worrall. Den kennst du vielleicht schon aus dem Interview, das er mir Anfang des Jahres gegeben hat. Er ist derjenige, der seine Kunstwerke auf gefundenen Holzstücken malt und sie dann zurück auf die Strassen hängt. Sean war so nett und hat uns ein paar Infos und Gründe zusammengestellt, warum wir dieses Event nicht verpassen dürfen!

Was ist die “Art Car Boot Fair” in London?

“The “Art Car Boot Fair” is one of the very best days of the London art year, set up by artists, the fair is a day when art really lets down its hair, a day when you can just walk up and talk to an artist and maybe grab an exciting bargain or two.”

Seit wann gibt es diese besondere Kunstmesse?

“Established in 2004 as an informal and unique cross of an art fair and a car boot sale, the Art Car Boot Fair has evolved into a quintessentially British event of art buying and festivity. The event is unique among art fairs in offering the public a rare and intimate interaction with the artist. From the famous to the hungry new star, each artist pitches up for the day to sell his or her work. Some of the art is exclusively commissioned for the event, and most of it at a fabulously reduced just-for-a-day price.”

Was macht die “Art Car Boot Fair” so besonders?

“The Art Car Boot Fair is about artists with their stalls and car boots selling you their art directly, the line up is very carefully selected by the organisers, us artists consider it a big honour to be invited. The deal is, the artist has to be there doing the selling themselves, it can be a bit of a mad rush at the start as collectors rush to get the limited editions, but once the fair has been open for an hour it all settles down and you can spend a brilliant day just looking at the art, talking to the artists maybe treating yourself.

The people watching is always good, there’s music, performance, it usually ends up with people dancing, you don’t have to be buying but you can pick up an original painting for as little as ten or twenty pounds if you really explore. I bought a piece of Tracy Emin for £20 a couple of years ago.”

Welche Künstler werden auf der “Art Car Boot Fair” dabei sein?

“The fair have been going for around a dozen years now, set up by artists and run by artists, expect around 80 artists and stalls, expect big names next to exciting new ones. Peter Blake will be there again, he of the Sgt. Pepper album cover and such. Pure Evil will be there screen printing away. Expect names like Gavin Turk, Pam Hogg, Geraldine Swayne, Mat Collishaw, Polly Morgan, Rachel Howard, Bob & Roberta Smith, Billy Childish, Emma Harvey, Jamie Reid, Charming Baker, The Conor Brothers, and quite a few more.

Expect everything to be affordable, you could easily turn up with £50 in your pocket and walk away with quite a few original exciting pieces of art, no gallery prices here! Do bring cash though, we’re out doors, we can’t rely on technology, good old cash is king, actually even if you don’t buy anything the Art Car Boot Fair is an excellent day out.”

Welche Besonderheit bringt Sean Worrall mit zur “Art Car Boot Fair”?

“I shall be there again this year, always a pleasure to be one of the invited artists, I shall be there with the now traditional One Hundred Pieced Piece, one hundred paintings all painted together and all for sale at just £1 per piece on the Cultivate Gallery stall. I can’t wait, we artists love being part of it, come say hello, the Art Car Boot Fair is brilliant fun for all.”

Nützliches zur “Art Car Boot Fair”

  • Die Messe findet am 16. September 2018 statt
  • Dauer von 12 bis 18 Uhr
  • Granary Square, Kings Cross, London
  • Eintritt £ 10 + £ 1 für Bearbeitungsgebühr. Buchung der Tickets, eine Übersicht der Künstler und aktuelle Infos auf der Homepage der Art Car Boot Fair.

Wenn du das Interview mit Sean Worrall noch nicht kennst, schau mal im Post “Meet the Londoner – der Künstler Sean Worrall” vorbei.

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