When I research for my blog posts I meet the most incredible people: like Holly and Rachel. They are the founders of the Chocolate Cocktail Club which I visited for the post about chocoholics. After my visit they answered some questions in which they share some insights into their lives and give some insider tipps for us. Enjoy the interview!

Meet Holly & Rachel from the Chocolate Cocktail Club

Hello, who are you and where are you from?

Holly : I am originally from the outskirts of London, in the borough of Hillingdon. So I have always been close to London which is great.

Rachel: I’m originally from Scotland, I moved here as I was an actress for 14 years, wanted to try the big city for my career.

What do you do in your free time?

We are both really sporty, we hit the gym a lot, running and cycling (after all the Chocolate we have too!). Rachel also likes to Snowboard when she can!

Have you always been a chocoholic?

Rachel : YES! I love chocolate, I thought I would be bored of it by working with it every day but I am obsessed

Holly : I am not as crazy about Chocolate as Rachel, I prefer sweets to chocolate but I Love a Chocolate Cocktail!

What’s your favourite flavour?

Rachel : I love anything mint, we have an ‘After 8 o’clock’ which I adore!

Holly: I love the ‘strawberry dreams’ it has a fruiter blend….it’s just like a strawberry milkshake with alcohol! Can’t go wrong.

Where in London do you live?

We both live in Ruislip, which is in the borough of Hillingdon. Only 25 mins from Heathrow airport, on the Metropolitan and Piccadilly tube lines.

What do you like about your area?

We really like the balance of rural and city, we can get into the city in 40 minutes yet we are also surrounded by trees and country. I think we needed that balance.

We love being close to London, it’s a city that has everything, you can do almost anything and there are always new adventures.

About the Chocolate Cocktail Club

When did you come up with the idea of starting your business?

Rachel and Holly were on a trip to Vegas last Feb 2018 and being the chocoholic that Rachel is, she dragged Holly to The Chocolate Bar in one of the Major hotels, where Holly instantly fell in love with the cocktails.

We went back 3 times over the week, meeting people from around the world, who would have a cocktail before shows, after dinner and just for that extra special treat! We knew this was something we wanted back in the UK.

Why chocolate cocktails?

Chocolate and cocktails is a winning combination which many people love the concept of, these separately are very popular treats, why not combine them and have that extra something special…and they really work!

The pop-up on Brick Lane will last until May. What will be next?

We are currently looking for a full-time venue, we want a home in London and to be known as the London Chocolate Cocktail Club! We have so much to offer and many ideas, having our own home will let us focus on developing our ideas.

Who comes up with new ideas for cocktails?

We both spend a lot of time and research on the blends, Rachel is creative and loves to work with the garnishes and the overall looks of the cocktails, but we joined forces and continually worked on making our cocktail flavours amazing!

Which has been the most popular cocktail so far?

The Chocotini is our signature cocktails, people do love it, it’s all chocolate and the Caramel King is also a VERY popular choice.

Why should people come and visit?

The Chocolate Cocktail Club is perfect for that treat, bringing something special to the evening, our drinks are new and exciting and if you love chocolate, we are absolutely perfect!

Holly, Rachel and London

What do you like about living in London?

We love that there is always something new and exciting to do, you can never be bored! Its the city that never sleeps, it has great parks, interesting museums, history and great nightlife!

What do you recommend for a first-time visitor in London to see/visit?

  1. The Chocolate Cocktail Club
  2. The Sky Garden
  3. Buckingham palace

3 words to describe London

  1. Diverse
  2. Fun
  3. Exciting

Where do you go for a good breakfast?

The Breakfast club always do a great breakfast, it’s always lively and fun.

The best museum in London is…?

The Natural History or the Science Museum

Some fun stuff about Holly & Rachel

Which is your favourite ice-cream flavour?

Rachel: Chocolate

Holly: Banana

Gin and Tonic or Pimm’s?

Holly : Rhubarb Gin

Rachel: Gin and Tonic

What was your weirdest experience ever while using the tube?

We once saw a man dressed as a T-Rex on the tube and the other dressed as a dinosaur catcher.

Holly: I have once seen a man clipping his toe nails- not very nice!

What you need to know about the Chocolate Cocktail Club

If you now want to visit the Chocolate Cocktail Club yourself, here is all you need to know.

  • Opening times: The Club will be open until the 27th of May from Wednesday to Sunday. Monday and Tuesday are closed. The opening times vary from day to day so check out the webpage of the Chocolate Cocktail Club for exact times.
  • Address: 202 Brick Lane, London, E1 6SA  (until the end of May, as soon as the new location has been found, you will find updates here on this page)
  • Book your ticket via the website
  • Tickets are £10 each including your first cocktail, the Chocotini
  • Slots are 90 minutes each
  • For now, the Club does not offer food
  • Good to know: there are even vegan cocktails!
  • Find Holly and Rachel and their Cocktail Club on Facebook (@thechocolatecocktailclub), Instagram (@thechocolatecocktailclub) and Twitter (@ThechocolateCC)

Thanks so much, Holly and Rachel for taking your time for this interview! It was great meeting you both. Fingers crossed that you will find a new cool location for the Chocolate Cocktail Club!

Btw, this post is not a sponsored one. I recommend this location to you because I think it’s cool to meet the people behind locations. And I am absolutely convinced of the quality of their products and this I want to share with you.  On Totally-London I want to share the latest and best places in London with you so that you can make the best out of your time here. And now – cheers!



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